Just Passing


Housed tthe first floor of The Portobello Star – a building which has served beverages on and off since possibly as long ago as 1740- The Ginstitute boasts: a small re-creation of a Victorian Gin Palace Bar- complete with a staggering selection of Gins, cabinets full of interesting historical Gin artifacts, including many antique bottles, vintage advertising pieces, archive materials from the most famous distillers of London Gin, adverts from the 19th and 20th Century, wonderful old cocktail books and even the business card of Professor Jerry Thomas- one of the pioneers of the cocktail and author of the world’s first cocktail recipe book.

Proudly staking its claim as London’s Second Smallest Museum, The Ginstitute is a new independent home for Gin in London – created with the help and co-operation of all the most important distillers of London Gin. It will play regular host to master classes and tasting sessions by some of the greatest names in modern gin, it is a beautiful, intimate venue for a party for the Gin lover in your life, a valuable educational resource for those with an interest in either the history of this noble spirit, or indeed the history of London itself, and even if your passion is just for Gin – but not necessarily its fascinating story – then The Ginstitute is perfect for a quick afternoon visit if you’re shopping on the historic markets of Portobello and fancy a little reviver.