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Patrons begin their spirituous journey in London’s second smallest museum – The Ginstitute with a whirlwind history of gin, which spans one thousand years (almost).

Lubrication to your education is provided by one of our resident 
gin instructors in our small re-creation of a Victorian gin palace – complete with a staggering selection of gins, cabinets full of interesting historical gin-related artifacts, including many antique bottles, vintage advertising pieces, archive materials from the most famous distillers of London Gin, adverts from the 19th and 20th century, wonderful old cocktail books and even the business card of Professor Jerry Thomas – one of the pioneers of the cocktail and author of the world’s first cocktail recipe book.

History lesson over, it’s now time for science upstairs in The Still Room.

Ginterns will test their senses with a tutored tasting and nosing of the botanical ingredients of London Dry Gin – ready to 
create their own bespoke, one-of-a-kind, unique and hopefully delicious gin.

To mark their graduation from The Ginstitute, students will be presented with a full-size bottle of their own personal gin, the recipe of which will be kept on file for you to reorder as often as you need.


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